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    17 Dogs Who Are Envious Of Sunny Obama

    Many dogs ran but only one could be the second First Dog of The United States.

    Yesterday the Obamas announced their newest family member, Sunny.

    And while Bo is okay with it, some other dogs aren't happy with the choice.

    Official White House Photo by Pete Souza

    1. "I can't believe I wasted $100 on this stupid tie and now I won't even be at the White House Correspondents' Dinner."

    2. "Wait, you mean they'll do drug testing as part of the background check?"

    3. "Did anyone else just hear Bo make fun of my ears?"

    4. "I spent years doing Model UN to master my foreign relation skills and now I won't even get to use them."

    5. "I watched all of Homeland for nothing."

    6. "I blew my hair out to match Bo and no one even noticed."

    7. "But I already packed my bag for school with Sasha and Malia."

    8. "We've spent all this time learning how to use a fork and knife so we could be guests at the state dinner. This isn't fair."

    9. "Guys, I spent literally this entire weekend working on my jump shot for pick up games with Barack."

    10. "We were ready to serve our country in style."

    11. "But I've been studying Michelle's healthcare initiatives and have gone totally organic."

    12. "I didn't mean to pee in the oval office during my interview. Please don't tell anyone."

    13. "I've been working on my football drills for some White House front lawn fun."

    14. "I was so ready to give that Michelle chick a run for her money."

    15. "Okay, fine. I may have overreacted about the snow in DC."

    16. "I still don't even understand Obamacare."

    17. "But I thought I was the chosen one."