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    27 DIY Ways To Give Your House A Quick Pick-Me-Up

    You don't need to buy new furniture to change the look of your home.

    1. Ombre your walls for a trendy look.

    2. Use a paste of water and cornstarch to make removable wallpaper out of fabric.

    Learn how here.

    3. Decoupage your lamp for a new light.

    4. Or add the pages right to your wall.

    5. Glue wallpaper inside of your shelves to give an extra pop of color.

    6. Color-coordinate your books to update your shelves.

    7. Use household items to hang pictures.

    8. Dip-dye your chairs for a little extra flavor.

    9. Up your dining table game by turning it chevron.

    10. Use corks to create mini planters.

    11. Paint an entire wall with chalkboard paint.

    12. Glam up your mirror with paint.

    13. Or confetti.

    14. Or paint directly ON the mirror for an antique look.

    15. Draw directly on your lamp with Sharpie to create a herringbone design.

    16. Use tape to add a little energy to your shelf.

    17. Paint your drawers to give them a one-of-a-kind wood look.

    18. Or just go for the gold.

    19. If you'd rather keep your drawers white, paint on the inside to create this surprise.

    20. Embroider a shower curtain to update your bathroom.

    21. And use a skirt to create a curtain for any window in the house.

    22. Repaint your floors for a distressed look.

    23. Add doorknobs to the wall to make hangers.

    24. Use tape to give your washer and dryer new life.

    25. Paint your hangers so that your clothing isn't the only beautiful thing in your closet.

    26. Decorate a canvas pouf for extra seating.

    27. Paint the edge of your door to break up your white walls.

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