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24 Tattoos That Walt Disney Would Love

And they (the person and their tattoo) lived happily ever after.

1. This ode to happiest place on earth.

2. This flower that will never die.

3. This reminder to paint with all the colors of the wind.

4. This mischievous grin.

5. This little prince.

7. This guy who will never be late.

8. This tattoo that is truly magnificent.

9. This reminder of true love.

10. These best friends.

11. This joker.

12. This tattoo that's off to Neverland.

13. This little Stitch looking for his Lilo.

14. This reminder of the power of true love.

15. This tattoo that will never grow up.

16. This tattoo that went from zero to hero.

17. This little lovebug.

18. This sassy beauty.

19. This purrrr-fect trio.

20. This fairytale love that'll last forever.

21. The best character in Frozen, tbh.

22. This sassy broad.

23. This ode to friendship.

24. And this reminder that Disney makes the most beautiful stories.