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    14 Dogs Who Want To Come Home With You

    Just some pups looking for a forever home.

    1. "Hi, I'm adorable. Want to adopt me?"

    2. "Just look at my smile. I'd smile at you like this all the time."

    3. "It's hot, let me use your air conditioning. Please?"

    4. "Scratch me."

    5. "Hey der. It’s me, your dog."

    6. "I'm too cute to say no to."


    8. "I'm so fuzzy I'm like a walking carpet."

    9. "What if we did the forever home thing?"

    10. "Hey, I'll take cheese, please."

    11. "I'm flufftastic."

    12. "Officer Cuddles, reporting for duty!"

    13. "My name is Zachary Quinto. Can you even?"

    14. **puppy eyes for forever**

    These pups not in your area but you still want to adopt one?? Check out your local shelter or search on Pet Finder.

    Adopted one of the pups in this post? Or just have a cute dog you kinda want to show someone? Send me a photo!