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18 Drool-Worthy Reasons To Follow The BuzzFeed Food Instagram

All the gooey goods in one place.

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1. You'll get the most insanely beautiful food mashups.

Like this grilled cheese that has mozzarella sticks IN IT.

2. Original recipes that will make you say "yassssss" and drool uncontrollably.

3. Original videos and recipes that you'll become attached to despite not really understanding how we got here.

4. Super easy recipes that will make your friends think you're a genius.

5. Ongoing features like #buzzfeedbreakfast, where chefs cook their signature breakfast and we give you the recipe to make your dreams come true.

6. And #bfdreamsandwich, where our favorite chefs tell us their dream sandwiches and you can judge how insane they are.

7. Challenges that will get you to think about food in a new way.

8. Recipes you can make for dinner TONIGHT.

12. Photos of food that look great when you're drunk.

13. Photos that look great when you're trying to be healthy.

14. Photos that will look delicious no matter your state of consciousness.

15. Photos of adorable food.

16. Photos of beautiful food.

17. Photos from our editors in the wild.

18. And food that is just too good to be true.*

*But it is. We know. We made it.

Join the fun here.

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