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    17 Times You'll 100% Start Sobbing At A Sam Smith Concert

    Warning: ugly crying ahead.

    1. When he first comes out and you realize it's real. This is about to happen. You take a very deep breath and let his voice take you away.

    2. The first time he hits a high note and goosebumps break out over your entire body.

    3. When he tells you to leave your lover for him and for a second you're like "OK, let's go. I can make this work."

    4. When he sings "I'm Not The Only One" and it breaks your heart into a million little pieces.

    5. When he admits that he called his crush and told him everything that he feels about him and you feel slight, second-hand embarrassment and also sadness that it didn't work.

    6. When he sings "Like I Can" and you can't help but stomp your feet and scream to the heavens.

    7. When he gets sassy during "Restart" and your jaw starts to hurt from smiling too much.

    8. When he covers Whitney Houston and you're like "I didn't think this could get any better. Then it got better. IT GOT SO MUCH BETTER."

    9. When the guitar starts in "Good Thing" and you're like "I can do this. I can keep it together" and then you can't and just sob uncontrollably.

    10. When he asks the audience if they know "La La La" and you're like OBVIOUSLY! THIS IS THE BEST PART. LET'S DO THIS SHIT SAM SMITH.

    11. When he dedicates "Lay Me Down" to everyone that has been with him since the beginning and you are like "same."

    12. When he left and you realized that you would only have a few songs left in the encore and it hurt so bad because you didn't want it to end.

    13. When fans throw money on the stage during "Money On My Mind" and he smiles and it fills your heart with glee.

    14. When he performed "Latch" and it somehow simultaneously crushed and lifted your spirit.

    15. When he sang his "mating call" song "Make It To Me" and you realized it was the theme song for your whole damn life.

    16. When he sang "Stay With Me" and you were like "okay."

    17. And when he asked everyone to sing along and was visibly overwhelmed by how many people know his songs.

    18. And finally when it's over and you have to step through the puddle you made of your own tears.

    Grab the setlist that Sam Smith performed at the Greek Theater in LA here!