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Jul 22, 2013

The Ultimate Baby Showdown: Blue Ivy Vs. Prince George

The new prince has some competition.

1. The key to being royal is that it is all about how you handle it. Prince George has a seasoned pro as his dad, which will be super helpful...

WPA Pool / Getty Images

But Blue Ivy's mom knows how to work the media like no other. Even her pregnancy knows how to make an entrance.

2. Both babies were born into impossibly cool families. Solange is Blue Ivy's aunt. Seriously?!

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

But this is the prince's uncle. OH HEY!

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

3. Both of the parents are pretty awesome too. Kate and William are the perfect example of modern royalty.

Pool / Getty Images

But look at the Knowles-Carters, you guys! They are the epitome of BAMF parents.

4. Blue Ivy's name is pretty unique.

But then again, George Alexander Louis' name has hundreds of years of history behind it.

Topical Press Agency/Stringer / Getty Images

5. Which brings us to their public introduction. Blue Ivy went with a more 21st-century idea. What up, Tumblr?

But the royal baby gets a national party!

Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

6. Both babies have their own thrones...

7. ...and a big palace to explore. But Kensington Palace is hard to compete with. / Via (Getty / Gareth Cattermole)

8. Speaking of competing, George will be an athlete. It's in his blood.

Chris Jackson / Getty Images

While Blue will learn about sports management from her dad.

9. Blue Ivy will be singing in no time.

In fact, she has been featured on a song her dad wrote for her. Be more adorable!

But that's not to say that the prince won't be encouraged to explore the arts.

Pool / Getty Images

10. Prince George's dad may have some clothing pointers. He has quite a wardrobe of uniforms. This — is a look.

Eamonn M. McCormack / Stringer / Getty Images

While Blue's dad can teach her the benefits of wearing black on black on black.

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

11. George's mom, Kate, has her own cruise ship, which is kind of cool... I guess.

Handout / Getty Images

But Blue has a private jet, which is much more useful.

12. And sure Blue Ivy has friends in high places...

Alex Wong / Getty Images

But HRH Prince George is IN high places...

13. Blue does have a crown, though...

Although the prince will have his crown in no time. Sounds like the perfect excuse for Blue and George to be friends. BFFLZ, ANYONE?! / Via (Getty / KidStock)

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