Behind The Scenes Photos Of Robert Pattinson’s Dior Commercial Are Here And Are Perfect

The Twilight star’s cologne ad comes out September 1. Let the countdown to #DiorRob begin.

1. Today, Dior released three photos from Rob’s upcoming cologne ad.

2. All photos were taken in and around New York City.

3. And are insanely beautiful.

4. It’s been a long wait for RPattz fans. But last week we got these gems from a behind the scenes video.

6. This commercial is going to be the best thing EVER.

7. Just look at that smile.

9. It is impossible for Rob to be cuter.

11. Check out those gloriously groomed eyebrows.

12. And his killer dance moves.

13. Only 2 more days until the full ad!

14. Excuse us while we take a moment.

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