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18 Awesome Benefits Of Having A Jewish Best Friend

Grab the matzah and manischewitz, it's going to be a party.

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1. You have automatic entry into the inner circle at any hora.

2. When you head home with them, you know their kitchen will be stocked with bagels of only the highest quality.

3. If you can't reach your mom you can borrow theirs.

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4. They will come hang out with you on Christmas when your family is being crazy.

5. They can help you diagnose your ailments, as they have had tons of practice.

6. They have a collection of bread-free recipes for when you decided to try a gluten-free diet.

7. You're always invited to celebrate one of the many many holidays.

8. According to Kanye West they have a lot of connections.

9. They'll show you the best movies.

10. And teach you the best dance moves.

11. They're always courteous and looking out for your best interest.

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12. They'll always know what to say to make you feel better.

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13. Because they've learned from the masters of advice.

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14. They've introduced you to the best food.

There is nothing better than matzo ball soup when you're sick; it's a fact.

15. You've picked up some classic and fantastic yiddish slang.

16. They know a lot of smart, nice boys they can set you up with.

17. They have at least one pair of vegan shoes for you to borrow when you go meet your new boy or girlfriend's vegan sister.

18. And if you ever decide to go to The Land of Milk and Honey, you'll have a legit tour guide.

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