Are You Actually An Introvert?

Alone time is the best time.

  1. Click everything that applies to you…
    1. Do people call you antisocial all the time?
    2. Do they try to convince you to be more outgoing?
    3. Do people ask if you’re depressed?
    4. Or if you’re “OK,” whatever that means?
    5. Does everyone ask you what you’re thinking about?
    6. Do you have to take breaks to recharge?
    7. After spending a full day with someone?
    8. Half a day?
    9. An hour?
    10. Do you mentally prepare before you have phone calls?
    11. Do you purposely ignore a call if you don’t know who is calling because you’d rather not talk to a stranger?
    12. Do you always text instead of call?
    13. Is a communal table at a coffee shop not even an option?
    14. Would you leave the coffee shop rather than ask to sit with someone?
    15. Do you hate when your hairdresser tries to make small talk?
    16. Would you rather walk instead of taking a cab so you don’t have to interact with the driver?
    17. Do you hate being in elevators with other people?
    18. Do you actively not ask questions at the doctor’s office so you can leave more quickly?
    19. Do you stare at the ground so you can pretend you didn’t see someone approaching?
    20. Is your bag actually 80% books so that you always have something to do instead of talking to people?
    21. Is your bed your favorite place in the world?
    22. If you could, would you spend all your time hanging out in it?
    23. Would you be happy never hearing another person’s voice all weekend?
    24. Do you eat a meal that isn’t right because you don’t want to have to talk to the waiter about what is wrong?
    25. Is daydreaming your favorite hobby?
    26. Do you make up excuses of why people can’t stay with you when they visit?
    27. Have you gone to the movies by yourself?
    28. To a restaurant by yourself?
    29. Would you never ever go on a trip with a tour group?
    30. Do people ask you stupid things like if you’re worried of dying alone?
    31. Does the idea of small talk make you want to curl up in a ball?
    32. And are you not even sure how to go about flirting?
    33. Do you wish it was “appropriate” to ask a first date to hang at your apartment so you don’t have to deal with anyone else?
    34. Do you regret going to any party the minute you walk in the door?
    35. And then stay at said party for under two hours?
    36. Do you spend most of your time at a party slowly nursing your drink and/or eating snacks?
    37. Or sitting on the couch by yourself?
    38. Do you hide in the bathroom if you get there before your friends?
    39. Or stand outside pretending to check your phone until they arrive?
    40. Do you secretly wish you didn’t have to meet your significant other’s family because the amount of small talk you’ll have to do?
    41. And does the idea of staying at their parents house fill you with dread?
    42. Would you wait a very long time to get the check at a restaurant so you don’t have to ask for it?
    43. Do people mistake your thinking face for a resting bitch face?
    44. Do you check every app on your phone so that you don’t have to talk to anyone?
    45. Would you download a new app specifically so you don’t have to talk to someone?
    46. Or leave your headphones in even when you don’t have music so no one will take to you?
    47. Have you ever not asked for help you need just because you don’t want to ask?
    48. Do you spend most of your time at parties with the host’s pet?
    49. Do you think about getting your own pet so that you don’t have to hang out with things that talk but still have things that love you around all the time?
    50. Are books and movies and TV your best friends?
    51. Do you not participate in events that would involve ice breakers?
    52. Do you hate job descriptions that use the term “team player”?
    53. But kick ass when it comes to doing projects on your own?
    54. Do you only go out one night a weekend maximum?
    55. And even if you enjoy yourself, feel like you need the other night to recharge?
    56. If it were up to you would you happily stay home all weekend?
    57. Do you hate going to family events because you have to answer the same question over and over again?
    58. Is introducing yourself fear-inducing?
    59. When your friend asks if they can bring a bunch of friends with them somewhere, do you debate just uninviting everyone?
    60. Do you only go to a party if your friend promises that they won’t ditch you?
    61. And when they do, do you immediately debate leaving?
    62. Are you proud of yourself when you have a successful social interaction?
    63. Is working remotely part of your dream job?
    64. Would you never go to a music festival because there are just WAY too many people there?
    65. Does your dream marriage involve having built-in “alone time” away from your partner?
    66. Do you get nervous at the idea of meeting your friend’s other friend group?
    67. Or at the idea of your friend getting up for a minute and leaving you alone with someone you don’t really know?
    68. Is Netflix your favorite invention of all time?
    69. Have you happily watched an entire series in a month?
    70. In a week?
    71. In a day?
    72. Do you drive yourself to parties so that you can leave early?
    73. And smile all the way home because you love the silence of the night?
    74. Or belt out your favorite song as loud as possible because you know no one else will know?
    75. Do you do all the work in group projects so you don’t have to deal with other people?
    76. Or do you do nothing in group projects so don’t have to talk to anyone?
    77. Would you rather go shopping alone?
    78. Do you wear headphones so that salespeople don’t try to help you?
    79. Are pushy salespeople one of your biggest pet peeves?
    80. Do you like using the internet because you can show your personality without having to deal with anyone?
    81. Is canceling plans is your favorite thing to do?
    82. Does everyone try to fight you to be more social?
    83. But you’re happy the way you are?

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