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The 21 Most Important Beards To Walk The Red Carpet This Year

The only award that matters, tbh.

1. The twigs and leaves that have found their home on Henry Cavill's beautiful chin.

2. The scruff game on Childish Gambino.

3. Everything that Jake Gyllenhaal is.

4. The sexiest man alive scruff on sexiest man alive Chris Hemsworth.

5. The beauty that is Jamie Dornan.

6. The silver-fox fur on Jeff Goldbum.

7. And on Steve Carell.

8. The salt and pepper siting on Joe Manganiello's beautiful face.

9. The pure gold flakes that flock to David Beckham's jawline.

10. The rock star look on Lenny Kravitz.

11. Adam Levine's perfect shadow.

12. Common's beard that won him an Oscar.*

13. Idris Elba's perfectly manicured mouth frame.

14. Matthew McConaughey's YOLO look.

15. Ryan Seacrest lookin' like a Ken doll.

16. Whatever is taking over Jared Leto's face.

17. Chris Pine lookin' fine.

18. Chiwetel Ejiofor's beautiful forest.

19. Questlove's perfect balance.

20. The dive bar after-party on Josh Hutcherson's jawline.

21. And Chris Evans' beard that may be able to save lives.*