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    21 Unbelievable Candid Photographs Of Elvis Presley In The Army

    The singer that shocked a nation with his hips was then forced to take a break from his career to serve in its army. And lucky for us, a photographer was there to catch it all.

    1. Elvis Presley is remembered like this:

    2. With one of the most passionate fandoms of all time.

    3. But for a short time Elvis had to put his career on hold.

    4. In 1958, he was drafted into military service.

    5. According to The Elvis Encyclopedia by Adam Victor, Elvis said "The Army can do anything it wants with me."

    6. And that he hoped to be treated just like any soldier.

    7. Any soldier with a photographer following him...

    8. That meant getting his hair cut.

    9. And being dressed in his army uniform.

    10. Because he was not in Special Services, he was not able to give musical performances.

    11. Or remain in touch with his adoring public.

    12. So he made friends with his fellow soldiers.

    13. And played for them in private instead.

    14. After training at Fort Hood, Elvis was assigned to the 3rd Armored Division in Friedberg, Germany.

    15. Which is where he met 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu. Who he later married.

    16. At the end of his time in the army, Elvis held a press conference.

    17. Fans surrounded the building in hopes of catching a glimpse of the star.

    18. It was announced that Presley had received his full Sergeant stripes.

    19. And he was asked about his decision to serve as a soldier.

    20. The next day he would leave Germany with Priscilla.

    21. And on March 5, he was discharged from the army.