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76 Seconds In The Brain Of Someone With ADD

Sometimes it's hard to... whoa did you guys see that?!

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1. I wonder how many years it would take for me to go to every restaurant in this entire city.

2. Holy shit, I'm so tired.

3. I didn't sleep enough last night.

4. I wonder why I didn't sleep enough last night.

5. I wonder if I should talk to someone about that.

6. I wonder where you find someone to talk to about things like sleeping.

7. I should wear more red.

8. I wonder what that person would look like.

9. How old is old now?

10. Oh wait, never mind. Better question: How young is young now?

11. At what age do kids get their cell phones?

12. Wait, where are my shoes?

13. I wonder what my ex is doing right now.

14. God I love Leonardo DiCaprio.

15. Oh, there are my shoes.

16. What, where did this tab come from? * clicks eighth tab in browser *

17. Oh it's this dog learning how to wear a harness. OMG that's so fucking cute.

18. Maybe I should re-watch some of his old films.

19. Maybe I shouldn't and should just go see Wolf of Wall Street instead.

20. I should bookmark that photo so I don't forget it.

21. Did you see the poster for that movie?

22. Jonah Hill looks great.

23. He's really killing it now.

24. Sometimes I feel bad for doubting him.

25. Oh, note to self: I should get flowers for the front table.

26. He was good in Superbad.

27. Sometimes I forget Emma Stone was in that.

28. Emma Stone is the shit.

29. I want to go to brunch with Emma Stone.

30. Wait, what is that sound?

31. Where do you find a best friend like Emma Stone?

32. I wish there were some type of store you could go to get friends like her.

33. I wonder what aisle she'd be in.

34. Maybe she'd be next to the snack options.

35.* Checks bookmarks * What is this link?

36. * Opens the same photo of the dog *


38. Right, Emma Stone. That'd be cool; it'd be like when you went to Blockbuster and the candy and the popcorn were right there so you could get it when you get your movie.

39. I can't believe Blockbuster stayed around as long as it did.

40. I need to pee.

41. I wonder if anyone who worked at Blockbuster used to watch Netflix at home.

42. I wonder what Beyonce and Jay Z talk about when they're by themselves.

43. I feel like they really love each other.

44. I can't imagine them breaking up.

45. Jason Derulo.

46. But really what do we know about celebrities?

47. Is it good to eat coconut or not? I can't remember.

48. I should start a blog.

49. * Makes a blog *

50. Is that my phone ringing?

51. I can't even remember what life was like without the internet.

52. How did our parents go to college without computers?

53. I wonder if today's twentysomethings could pass college back then.

54. Hulu Plus is such a scam you have to pay for it AND watch commercials.

55. I should smoke more weed.

56. But really, whose phone is that?

57. I'm hungry.

58. I wonder what I should eat.

59. I should go grocery shopping.

60. When was the last time I cut my toenails?

61. Why doesn't Seamless allow you to use cash online?

62. Maybe I should just go out and pick up food.

63. I should check how many vacation days I have left this year.

64. Is it really necessary to wear pants to go outside?

65. I wonder what happened to my blog.

66. Crap, what is my password?

67. OK, I'll just hit resend password.

68. Oh shit, I never answered this email.

69. Oh god, I didn't answer this one either.

70. I wonder if animals were humans if they would feel naked without clothing on.

71. I wonder if society just decided we didn't have to wear clothing what would happen.

72. I wouldn't want to sit on a seat on the subway that some naked ass sat on.

73. I don't want to go out tonight.

74. If Siri was a real person, would she be attractive?

75. I'm tired.

76. Oh cool, a text message.

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