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23 Undeniable Signs You're An Assistant

Welcome to the world's most confusing love/hate relationship.

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1. You spend more time listening to your boss's one-sided conversations than having a real one.

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2. You start answering your cell phone like it's your office line.

3. You've given up on asking for instructions.

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4. You know way too many details about your boss.

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5. You have anxiety anytime you leave your desk.

6. Everyone is envious of your job, so they won't listen to you complain.

7. You are the champion of passive aggressive emails.

8. You never remember to eat lunch, or to just eat in general.

9. Your relationship with your boss is completely one sided.


10. The word "fair" has been banned from your vocabulary.

11. Your opinion has become invalid.

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12. Your fake smile is good enough to pass as a real one.

13. You never believe anything is actually a top priority.

14. You're able to handle multiple phone lines at once.

15. You lose sight of what is and what isn't a good idea.

16. You spend most of your day muted on conference calls.

17. You start stress eating.

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18. You know your boss's coffee order but can't remember yours.

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19. You become hardened to negativity.

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20. You lose track of what is and is not appropriate.

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21. You get volunteered for things you have no interest in.

22. You become your boss's echo.

23. Your well-being becomes your lowest priority.

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But even though it may sound overwhelming now...

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...just remember, you're one step closer to your dream job!

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