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    36 Times One Direction's Dance Moves Made You Weak At The Knees

    And they say they can't dance...

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    1. When Niall got in touch with his inner primate.

    2. Whenever Harry feels the beat.

    3. When Niall shook what his mother gave him.

    4. When Harry forgot that he was in front of an audience.

    5. When Liam danced to imaginary rap music.

    6. When Harry found his inner sass.

    7. When Zayn couldn't decide if he wanted to dance or not.

    8. The world's most epic dance off.

    9. Every time that Niall groped himself. Every. Single. Time.

    10. When Louis proved why it's better if he doesn't try to dance.

    11. When Harry was an actual little girl.

    12. Peak Liam.

    13. When Niall went full running man.

    14. When Zayn and Harry unofficially auditioned for 'N Sync.

    15. When Harry had no idea what was really going on behind him.

    16. When Harry went all in.

    17. When Niall was Liam's puppet master.

    18. When Harry thrusts and you temporarily forget how to speak.

    19. When Niall tried to dougie.

    20. When Liam scared Zayn off.

    21. Whatever this mess was.

    22. When Liam went full Payno.

    23. Whenever Liam and Niall break out a dance move they've clearly been working on.

    24. When Niall thought he was at a rave.

    25. The most disorganized rendition of the Chicken Dance ever.

    26. When it really did look like Louis was going to dance.

    27. Niall's hello for Harry.

    28. The fact that Liam basically never ever stops dancing.

    29. An all band shimmy.

    30. Get it Harry.

    31. When Niall felt it in every bone of his body.

    32. When Niall and Harry had too much energy for their own good.

    33. Whatever this totally inaprop but weirdly sexy moment was.

    34. When Harry just really really wanted to throw his hands in the air.

    35. "Okay Liam, this is the moment we've been waiting for. Just like how we practiced last night."

    36. And when Harry and Niall strutted like the BAMFs they are.

    P.S. I'm sorry there aren't a lot of Zayn and Louis but they don't dance. Here is a gif of them forgetting that they're in front of an audience.

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