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    23 Times Nick And Schmidt's Friendship On "New Girl" Was Just Too Perfect

    Shenanigans, kimonos, "Real Apps," and bromance. Goals.

    1. When Schmidt just started showing up in Nick's college dorm room, and a beautiful friendship blossomed.

    yooooitssam / Via

    2. When they prank Winnie the Bish.

    emmawswan / Via

    Good 'ol Prank Sinatra.

    3. When they weren't afraid to look absurd while standing up for Jess.

    badwolfoswin / Via

    You've got some Schmidt on your face.

    4. When Nick wasn't afraid to call Schmidt out for acting ridiculous.

    tomhard-y / Via

    Long live the kimono.

    5. When Schmidt helps Nick get his thoughts together...

    schmidtsburg / Via

    6. ...and learn a little more about directions.

    ness-new-girl / Via

    7. When they bicker like an old married couple.

    lizzie-mcguire / Via

    8. And when they have no boundaries, even when they're in completely different states.

    schmidtsburg / Via

    "Crawdaddy" is back!

    9. When Schmidt gives Nick fashion advice.

    gifchannel / Via

    10. And vice versa.

    spylight-new-girl / Via

    11. When Nick keeps Schmidt in check.

    rumpledsmalltownpi / Via

    Ah, the douchebag jar.

    12. And when Schmidt keeps Nick in check just as much.

    magda-lennah / Via

    13. They just know each other so well.

    samanthapanther / Via

    Long live the Swuit!

    14. When Schmidt is always concerned for Nick's safety.

    newgirlgifs / Via

    15. Yet, he also acknowledges and praises Nick's "talents."

    schmidtsburg / Via

    16. When Schmidt expresses his love for Nick through food, and Nick gives it right back, mama-bird style.

    schmidtsburg / Via

    Gross, yet adorable.

    17. And Nick shows love to Schmidt by pretending to be Michael Keaton (via email) to cheer him up.

    18. When Nick backed Schmidt up at his engagement party with some FIRE Bollywood dancing to impress Mrs. P.

    s-mokeclouds / Via

    19. And that beautiful moment when Schmidt asked Nick to be the best man at his wedding.

    schmidtsburg / Via

    Spoiler alert: he definitely got there.

    20. When Schmidt always builds Nick up when he's not feeling confident.

    livelovecaliforniadreams / Via

    A prince with a nose only America could love.

    21. And when he forces Nick to pursue being a writer, even though he doesn't give him notes on his novel.

    schmidtsburg / Via

    22. And when Schmidt invests in Nick's dreams.

    jayhalstead / Via

    23. When Nick assured Schmidt that he'd be a good husband to Cece because he's been a good one to Nick for years.

    elliotaldersons / Via


    They've been through a lot together.

    schmidtsburg / Via

    And they'll be together until the end.

    schmidtsburg / Via


    newgirlonfox / Via
    sandandglass / Via

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