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11 Feelings You Have As A Senior In College

The end is nigh.

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1. The feeling of watching all of the fresh-faced first years arriving on campus for the first time (while it's your last)

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So young. So naive.

2. The feeling of disappointment when the "easy" gen-ed you're taking to graduate isn't so easy

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Whoever gave you the advice to take that course can just not.

3. The feeling of complete dread when people ask, "What are you doing after graduation?"

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Like, I honestly have no idea.

4. That feeling of panic after the first semester is over and you realize that you only have 112 days left at your beloved college

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5. The feeling of complete and utter sadness when you meet someone new who you wish you'd been friends with since freshman year

proud-to-be-pure-evil / Via

There's just not enough time!!!

6. The feeling of absolute denial that four years have already flown by since you arrived on campus

2weird-2rare-2die / Via

nope nope nope

7. The feeling of your thesis deadline creeping up on you

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You can write 60 pages in 2 weeks, I promise!!!

8. The feeling when you're doing a whole lot of "lasts" on campus with your best friends

amoodymess / Via

All the nostalgia.

9. The panic to find a job after graduation

thetrippytrip / Via

This is so relatable it hurts

10. The feeling when you're saying goodbye to all the people and memories, one last time.

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11. And the excitement that hits when you realize how soon alumni weekend is

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