Meredith Grey Is One Of The Best Characters On TV Right Now And You Can Fight Me

    Seriously – meet me in the parking lot. ⚠️SPOILERS⚠️

    First of all, Ellen Pompeo is a queen. Let's just put that out there right away.

    Grey's Anatomy has been on the air since 2005 and is currently filming its 17th season. Meredith Grey has been in every. single. episode.

    She's a brilliant winning surgeon who's amazing at her job. Any young female watching the show has an excellent role model for what a successful career can look like for a woman.

    While she values her career, she's also unwavering in her compassion for those in need. She literally put her entire career in jeopardy multiple times to protect and help those who aren't being afforded the best opportunities in life.

    Being Derek Shepherd's love interest from early in the show's history, she was considered half of a TV power couple. However, when the show killed off Derek's character, Meredith only grew and developed EVEN MORE.

    Meredith has always intentionally surrounded herself with people who support and challenge her all at the same time. She has helped teach us what to look for in true friendships.

    Meredith has been hurt and tested throughout the course of this show more than most TV characters. But she's always been able to come out the other side of these tragedies stronger than before.

    While being a confident badass, Meredith also shows us that sometimes you have to let your walls down in life. You can aspire to be the strong, confident, independent Meredith, but you also have to know when it's necessary to be vulnerable.

    She showed us time and time again that even the most loving of families aren’t perfect and go through their own struggles.

    She normalizes doing things to protect your own best interest as opposed to doing what's expected of you.

    She knows her own self worth (most of the time), and she's not afraid to vocalize it.

    She can be reckless sometimes (which is super freakin' relatable!). She doesn't always make the right decision or the best decision, but she's also going to learn and grow from those moments.