How Well Do You Know Tupac’s Love Letter?

*Warning: EXPLICIT*

1. So Tupac is back in the news this week!

According to TMZ, a graphic and sexual letter that Tupac wrote to a woman while in Clinton Correctional Facilities in 1995 is to be auctioned off. The letter is expected to be sold for at least $25,000! For those of you that read the digital image of the letter that’s circulating the internet, you know it’s not for the bashful! So let’s see how closely you were paying attention…

    1. A heart
    2. An eye
    3. An ear
    4. A pencil
    1. sexy
    2. wonderful
    3. filthy
    4. passionate
    1. Lollipop
    2. lollipop
    3. lollypop
    1. 12
    2. 69
    3. 8
    4. 30
    1. Cucumber
    2. Ice
    3. Chocolate
    4. Honey
    1. Until the end of time
    2. All my love
    3. Forever and always
    4. Can’t wait to hear from you

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