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Celebs Who Look Like Pokemon

Because who wouldn't want to be compared to a Pokemon?

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Beyonce / Vulpix

Both beautiful, obviously.

Kelly Osbourne / Jigglypuff

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

Not just anyone can pull off pink hair.

Pharrell / Diglett

Now if only Diglett had a hat...

Terry Crews / Geodude

Both are more ripped than we'll ever be.

Nicki Minaj / Jynx

They each know how to rock a red dress.

They look like a blast to hang out with, tbh.

Brad Pitt / Pidgeotto

Jordan Rodgers / Pidgeotto

Justin Timberlake / Pidgeotto

Macklemore / Pidgeotto

... Basically anyone with this haircut.

Ronda Rousey / Hitmonchan

Either one of them could kick your ass.

Snooki / Gloom

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

That poof!

Whoopi Goldberg / Tangela

Hair goals.

Donald Trump / Raticate

Even the color, though.

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