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8 Well-Liked TV Dudes That Are Actually The Worst

Warning: Controversial shade ahead

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TV characters nowadays are made to be interesting and complex.

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Some, however, just end up being terrible. And I'm not talking about the villains! I'm talking about the supposed good guys who just get low-key under our skin. So let's talk about a few.

1. George O'Malley - Grey's Anatomy

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George certainly had his good moments, HOWEVER, we all seem to forget that he married Callie then cheated on her. Repeatedly. He mercilessly picked on Alex when he failed one part of the intern exam... And then George failed the whole damn thing! He also was creepy obsessed with Meredith.

3. Lucas Scott - One Tree Hill / Via

Lucas was supposed to be the lovable main character. But real talk - he was mostly a sleaze who screwed over girls constantly. His hotness gives him some points, but doesn't get him off the hook.

4. Jake Ballard - Scandal

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Another man who tends to get a pass because of his good looks. Lest we forget that Jake has been working for Olivia's dad basically this whole time. He first showed interest in her out of pure manipulation.

5. Killian Jones (Hook) - Once Upon A Time

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We all seem to forget that the WHOLE reason Henry got taken to Neverland (which led to a list of terrible subsequent events - aka Neal dying) was because Hook ran off with the magic beans.

6. Kirk Gleason - Gilmore Girls

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Kirk is the classic case of so-goofy-it's-annoying. He was clearly meant to be the comic relief, but just had a way of screwing things up and constantly getting on peoples' nerves.

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