17 Times Lexa From "The 100" Proved She's A Total And Complete Badass

    **Some old spoilers, probably.**

    1. She was the commander of the 12 clans. TWELVE.

    2. She even inspired other leaders.

    3. She puts her people first, no matter what.

    4. She's a fierce and freaking awesome warrior.


    6. You never knew what she was going to do next.

    7. She knew exactly how to gain everyone's respect.

    8. She didn't let friendships get in the way of duty.

    9. Even when she starts to care about someone, she acts like she couldn't care less.

    10. Seriously.

    11. She never backed down from a challenge — no matter what the cost.

    12. But she was big enough to admit when she was wrong.

    13. Or when she was giving into her emotions.

    14. But she never let those emotions slow her down.

    15. SPEAKING OF EMOTIONS — she wasn't afraid to shoot her shot.

    16. And if she hadn't died, she probably would've been a badass girlfriend, too.

    17. She was just all-around a super awesome badass and we loved her.

    We miss you, Lexa. Please come back.

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