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17 "Harry Potter" Movie Moments That Never Fail To Get Me All Choked Up

"Such a beautiful place to be with friends. Dobby is happy to be with his friend, Harry Potter."

1. When Dobby dies.

2. When Harry asks if it hurts to die.

3. When Mrs. Norris is found petrified.

4. When Sirius Black is killed.

5. When Dumbledore has to drink poison.

6. When Ron is a total dick to Harry and Hermione.

7. When Snape is killed by Nagini.

8. When Hedwig dies defending Harry.

9. When Amos Diggory sees his dead son.

10. When Draco first calls Hermione a mudblood.

11. When Bellatrix tortures Hermione.

12. When Xenophilius turns in Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

13. When Neville is forced to watch an Unforgivable Curse in action.

14. When Harry looks in the Mirror of Erised and sees his parents.

15. When Ron sacrifices himself during Wizard's Chess.

16. When Hermione erases herself from her parents' memories.

17. And finally, when Dumbledore dies.

Feel free to share your favorite sad Harry Potter moments in the comments below!