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16 Things You Did In College When You Should've Been Studying

Literally anything

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Let's face it - in college you majored in procrastination. / Via

And took Procrastination 101, History Of Procrastination, and Into To Procrastination.

So when it was time to study, you looked for something else to occupy your time. / Via


1. Rewatch that show on Netflix for the fifth time. / Via

Something might've changed since the first time you watched it!

2. Eat every possible available snack in your dorm room. / Via

Who knew Ramen could be so delicious?

3. Decide to go out for a* drink with friends. / Via


4. Perform an impromptu solo concert. / Via


5. Stalk your old high school classmates on Facebook. / Via

Pro tip: Combine with #3 and making a drinking game out of it. Drink every time:

- Someone is pregnant

- Someone is engaged

- Someone is married

- A 'class couple' broke up

- etc.

6. Look up all the cat videos on Youtube. / Via

Which will lead to a deep hole of makeup tutorials, Beyoncé performances, and One Direction interviews.

7. Work out at the rec center on campus. / Via

Because studying is the only thing you hate more than working out.

8. Call your mom to see how her life is going. / Via

That'll last a solid hour.

9. Take a quick power nap. / Via

Which will inevitably turn into a 3 hour long nap.

10. Text every single one of your friends to see what they're up to. / Via

Chances are SOMEONE is doing something more interesting than you.

11. Pick out your outfit for tomorrow. / Via

In order to do that, you obviously have to try on every single piece of clothing you have.

12. Plan your entire future wedding on Pinterest. / Via

Even though you're not even dating anyone... And don't have any prospects.

13. Clean/Rearrange your room. / Via

There are only so many combinations for desk, bed, dresser, chair.

14. Join a club or play an intramural sport. / Via

Extra curriculars are so much better than actual classroom curriculum.

15. Finally realize you have no other choice than to actually study.


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