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    15 Reasons Why You Need To Watch "The Good Place" Right Forking Now If You Haven't Already

    Have you been hiding in Janet's void or what?

    1. Kristen Bell. That's it. That's the whole post.

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    From Veronica Mars to Frozen... I mean, come on. The girl has hits.

    2. Maya Rudolph makes a number of appearances as an almighty Judge, which TBH, is a role she was born for.

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    She can regularly be seen eating burritos and making major decisions about the future of humanity. AKA a typical day in the life of Maya Rudolph (or so I imagine).

    3. It teaches us big and small life lessons in a totally digestible way.

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    I need this cross-stitched on a pillow ASAP.

    4. You will feel more emotions watching this show than you were expecting.

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    Especially during the final season. Get the tissues ready and don't say I didn't warn you!

    5. It gives you a glimpse into an ideal "good" reality – including but not limited to shrimp-dispensing machines.

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    Can we actually start producing these or what? Their minds...

    6. Janet is possibly one of the greatest TV show characters to ever be created.

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    This was my first introduction to D'Arcy Carden, and I will never go back.

    7. Did we mention that Ted Danson is here, too?

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    Everybody knows his name.

    8. The character of Jason exists almost exclusively to let us make fun of Florida.

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    He wasn't a failed DJ. Just pre-successful.

    9. Seriously. Jason is a trip.

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    Oh, and he's also great at word searches.

    10. Chidi will lead you on an ethical journey from start to finish.

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    And you'll be better for it. Who knows? Maybe you'll even get into the Good Place under Chidi's tutelage.

    11. You'll want to listen to Tahani talk all day.

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    Even if she only ever talks about herself.

    12. There's an episode where D'Arcy Carden has to play every character at once trapped in Janet's physical body and just wow... It's TV GOLD.

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    Seriously. Whoever wrote this deserves an award.

    13. We, as humans, get roasted constantly by comedy geniuses.

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    And, I mean... fair.

    14. Con. Stant. Ly.

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    Screw Columbus.

    15. And lastly... did we mention Kristen Bell?

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    It's true. She is.

    So, what are you waiting for? Grab some snacks and get to watching!

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