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14 People Who Will Probably Riot In The Streets If Bryan Wins "The Bachelorette"

Literally all of us.

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1. This person who said what we were all thinking.

"Bryan's a charmer. But I don't think there's that sincerity factor." #TheBachelorette

*scream internally*

2. This person praising Peter for showing us how it's done.

Bryan, this is how you kiss and not look LIKE A DAMN MONSTER #TheBachelorette

*slams head against wall*

3. This person who'd had just about enough.

“I don’t want to be sitting here with you right now, I’m not gonna lie," says Peter to Bryan. "SAME!," I yell at my TV. #TheBachelorette

*angrily shakes fist*

4. This justifiably suspicious person.

*bryan says anything* Me: hmmm sounds fake #TheBachelorette

*gives major sideye*


5. This person who made a flawless Arrested Development comparison.

I've seen Bryan and his mom before #TheBachelorette

*shuts hand in car door*

6. This person who is just trying to look out for Rachel.

Dear Rachel, BRYAN IS NOT THE ONE Sincerely, A concerned Sister #TheBachelorette

*sips tea*

7. This person who is giving ABC an ultimatum.

She's going to pick Bryan and I don't want to watch the show anymore. #TheBachelorette

*rolls eyes*

8. This person gagging at their kisses.

This is all I see when Bryan kisses Rachel #TheBachelorette

*chokes back vomit*


9. This person who appreciates Peter's shade.

Peter: I don't like Bryan. He has his Miami swagger. But in Miami, they have fake hair, fake asses, and fake cheeks…

*throws brick through TV*

10. This person who respects the hell out of Rachel's family.

All of us when Rachel's family calls Bryan out on being fake #TheBachelorette

*stubs toe on table leg*

11. And this person who finds Rachel's sister particularly relatable.

me whenever Bryan opens his mouth #TheBachelorette

*wimpers softly*

12. This person having a harsh realization.

Me looking at Eric expressing his love when I know it's either Peter or Bryan winning this. #TheBachelorette

*cries into pillow*


13. This person who described Bryan's facial expressions.

When you thought your fart was going to be silent but it wasn't. #TheBachlorette

*flips table*

14. And the person who had this terrifying realization.


*audibly gasps*

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