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    13 Cartoons From The '90s That You Should Binge Right Now

    "We used to be happy before we knew the future."

    1. Rugrats


    The series was wildly entertaining. I was deeply scarred when Chuckie swallowed a watermelon seed and it started growing inside his stomach. What?

    2. Hey Arnold!


    I still find a valid reason every couple of months (as a grown adult) to yell "Stoop Kid's afraid to leave his stoop!" So, there's that.

    3. Doug


    If nothing else, the character names in this show were simple, literally funny, and brilliant: Doug Funnie, Patti Mayonnaise, Mosquito "Skeeter" Valentine.

    4. Recess


    Don't lie. You and your friends spent hours arguing over which Ashley you were. Only the luckiest among us got to be Ashley Spinelli.

    5. The Wild Thornberrys


    This unusual family charmed their way into all of our hearts. It's also one of the rare occasions where the movie based on the TV show absolutely rocked.

    6. Rocket Power


    The gang in this show was literal squad goals. It also made us all really wish we lived by the beach and knew how to surf.

    7. As Told By Ginger


    Okay, okay. Not technically a '90s cartoon, but it's pretty darn close. If you watched this show and don't remember all the words to the theme song, you're lying.

    8. SpongeBob SquarePants


    The fact that this show is STILL making new episodes speaks for itself. Also, how did they make cartoon food look so yummy? I'd still like to try a Krabby Patty before I die.

    9. The Angry Beavers


    This is one of those cartoons that was for children, but absolutely slid some adult-themed jokes into every episode. Watching it now is...eye opening.

    10. CatDog


    Just because the main character is a biological impossibility, doesn't mean this show wasn't super funny. It's a cat and dog rolled into one. Epic.

    11. Ed, Edd n Eddy

    Cartoon Network

    If you're into physical comedy, this is your throwback cartoon right here. With tons of characters, each super weird in their own way, you're sure to relate to someone.

    12. Dexter's Laboratory

    Cartoon Network

    Two polar opposite siblings make for one hilarious cartoon. He's the original red-headed Dexter on TV (and much less murderous than the new one).

    13. Johnny Bravo

    Cartoon Network

    Watching this as an adult, I noticed some majorly sexist undertones here. BUT if you can get past that, it's still good for nostalgia.