12 Moments From "The Good Place" That Prove Judge Gen Is Hilarious AF

    "My name is super boring. Gen. It's just short for hydrogen..."

    1. When she visited Earth and couldn't believe the things she saw.

    2. Every time she gives an official judge-like opinion.

    3. Seriously, the hand gestures are golden.

    4. GUYS.

    5. When she had this brilliant (yet sad) clap back for Bad Janet.

    6. When she tries to use trendy terminology.

    7. Like when she cancelled all of us.

    8. Whenever she remixes a song to get a point across.

    9. When she made us all crave (and be confused by) a burrito.

    10. When she said what we all think when Tahani is talking.

    11. And when she (understandably) can't stop hitting on Chidi.

    12. And possibly best of all, when she couldn't hide her attraction to Timothy Olyphant.

    For real. She's just the best.