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    11 Characters Who Are Incredibly Underrated

    Probably spoilers? Who knows.

    1. Mindy St. Claire from The Good Place

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    If characters with no filter and shaky moral compasses make you laugh, then Mindy is for you. The first time she graces the screen, we've been lulled into the non-swearing, buttoned-up behavior of the Good Place, and — wow — she's a refreshing change of pace.

    2. Joan Day from New Girl

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    Joan has nothing but the best intentions, just like her daughter. HOWEVER, the scene where she is on peyote had me literally laughing out loud. Joan is a hilarious look into Jess's future.

    3. Henry Burton from Grey's Anatomy

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    15 episodes was NOT ENOUGH. My god, Henry deserved better. One of the great injustices of Grey's history was the way too short-lived story line of this knight in shining armor.

    4. Tammy Two from Parks and Recreation

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    Now, Tammy may not actually be "underrated" — I think we can all agree she's hilarious. She's on this list because the fact that someone can only appear in nine episodes and still have SO many hilarious moment deserves to be praised.

    5. Caleb from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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    Caleb the Cannibal is only in a handful of episodes, but his one-liners are pure gold. Did I ever think I'd laugh about people who eat people? Probably not. Do I when Caleb talks about it? Absolutely.

    6. Ygritte from Game of Thrones

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    Ygritte and her bow and arrow were BADASS (on top of teaching Jon Snow how to love or whatever). During my latest rewatch, I realized how little screen time she actually gets. She definitely deserved more.

    7. Ranjit from How I Met Your Mother

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    Ranjit is an absolute gem. His character is such a small role, but it's an important one. He becomes a recurring bright spot throughout most of the series.

    8. Karen Filippelli from The Office

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    Listen, I am totally team #JimandPam — so don't get it twisted. I STILL think Karen was treated unfairly. She was witty, charming, and smart. Poor girl didn't deserve to get her heart broken.

    9. Eleanor Lawrence from The Handmaid's Tale

    Hulu / Via

    Listen. Gilead doesn't have a lot of redeeming characters, but Eleanor needs to be protected at all costs. Sure, she's a little out there... But isn't that part of the reason we love her so much?

    10. Svetlana from Shameless

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    Is Sventlana a great person? No. Is she hilarious? Yes. I know she has her shortcomings, but I can't get enough of her Russian candor. Spin-off series, anyone?

    11. And last but not least, Mac's mom from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

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    Mac's mom may be a gross old lady, but she's OUR gross old lady. She doesn't say much, which is almost funnier than having her character say a ton of lines. Her stoic nature is part of her charm.