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11 Times "Once Upon A Time" Changed How We Viewed Childhood Movie Characters

Wait, wait, wait... Rumplestiltskin is who??

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11. Rumplestiltskin

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So Rumple, aka 'The Dark One', is one of the most complex characters in OUAT. Not only is he the traditional spins-straw-into-gold character, but we also come to find out that he is also the Beast (Beauty and the Beast) and the Crocodile (Peter Pan). How does he do it all?!

10. Ruby / Little Red Riding Hood

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So Ruby is awesome. But we learn in season 1 that there's a KILLER WOLF terrorizing the town. Thinking it's her boyfriend, Ruby ties him to a tree overnight to keep an eye on him and keep him safe from the group trying to kill the wolf. Little does she know, SHE is the wolf and ends up eating her poor boyfriend who is chained to a tree and unable to defend himself!

9. Snow White

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So snow is a badass. She spent a lot of time in the woods trying to avoid being captured by the Evil Queen. She's constantly defending herself from dangers in the woods and just improving her all-around badassery.

8. Prince Charming

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Charming grew up on a farm with his mother. One day, after his twin brother (who he didn't know he had) dies, he steps in to try to provide for his late-brother's kingdom. Oh - and did we mention he was engaged before Snow White?!

7. Grumpy

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THIS BREAKS MY HEART. SO, when this guy was born - his name was Dreamy. He was super happy-go-lucky. He even fell in love with a fairy who loved him right back. But the head fairy stepped in and told him that in order for his girlfriend to be a successful fairy and accomplish her goals - he had to walk away. SO HE DID. And that's how he got to be so grumpy!

6. Mad Hatter

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This guy's hat can help people travel to other lands. The Evil Queen traps him in Wonderland after getting into trouble with The Queen of Hearts. She cuts off his head (then puts it back on) and refuses to let him leave Wonderland until he's created another traveling hat. OH - and he left behind a daughter. *cue tears*

5. Cinderella

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It turns out, Cinderella's one stepsister wasn't so evil after all. She had her own love of her life, but knew her mother wouldn't approve because he's just a messenger. All her sister wants is to run away with him and Cinderella sells her out to the step-mother!

4. Hook

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Hook was in love... Until the Crocodile (aka Rumple) came and killed his love (who also happened to be his ex-wife, but that's a whole other story). So he swore vengeance on the Croc (which he hold onto for a while), but other than that - by the time we meet him, he's pretty much a good guy!

3. Evil Queen

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The Evil Queen was also in love (in her early life) to a stableboy named Daniel. Until a very young Snow White told Cora (the Queen of Hearts/Regina's mother) about their love and Cora ripped out his heart and killed him. BEFORE THAT SHE WAS SO NICE. Then she's evil for a while, and then she turns nice again!

2. Mulan

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Mulan is another ultra badass character in the OUAT universe, which comes as a surprise to none of us. What we didn't see coming, is that she's in love with Aurora (who is with Prince Phillip). We may not have expected it, but we were ALL ABOUT IT. Then she provides comfort to Ruby later on who is wrestling with feelings for Dorothy (of Oz). Way to be awesome, Mulan!

1. Peter Pan

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AND THEN THE BIGGEST MINDFUCK OF ALL... This little dickbag! Peter Pan turns out to be an ultra villain. Like, super fucking evil. He's also revealed as Rumple's dad who left him at a young age because he wasn't ready to be an adult/dad yet. (Hence the whole Neverland, never getting older thing)

Thank you, Once Upon A Time, for always keeping us on our toes.

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