Machen Vapid
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    • Machen Vapid

      Watch the number of head touches (face, nose, ear and chin) when Plouffe speaks. He is a propagandist of the highest order, but he has real trouble hiding his ticks. Of course, it is easy to see his obvious lies and embellishments when contrasted with what he thinks is the truth (or the truth as he sees it). Given that, you can predict where the “fiscal cliff” negotiations will go given Plouffe’s road map. I would love to play cards with this wanker, because I think I could clean him out. +++++ “…conservative members of the house…dig in…” {nose touch} | He is overly embellishing that statement. “…no revenues at all…” {nose touch} | He is overly embellishing that statement. “I can’t get into a lot of the details…” {nose touch} | He is lying about that, because clearly he can and he is getting into the details. “We are not signing an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.” {nose touch} | Again, he is lying. “…deeply irresponsible to create a recession through lack of political action.” {nose touch and face touch} | Embellishment or lie. Seriously, if nothing political happens a recession will or could occur? Hardly. “…tax cuts…we want to extend them to most people.” {head/ear touch} | Lying. “Lower tax rates for all…” | He is telling the truth with that one. “Comprehensive tax reform…entitlement reform…” | He is telling the truth with that one. “…it will set the conditions for our growth to be stronger…” {chin/face touch} | Lie or embellishment. “…the debt ceiling was concerning to everybody…” {face/mouth/nose touch, and he even looks away when he does it.} | That was a HUGE LIE, AND HE KNEW IT. “…we want to just satisfy our base…” {nose scratch} | Embellishment. +++++ “Remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it.” -George Costanza

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