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    7 Photos Of Tiny People In A Gigantic Food World

    Photographer Christopher Boffoli meticulously composes food landscapes with hand-painted miniature people. What if all food was this big?!

    1. Cereal Rescue

    "Yet another life saved by a frosted oat vowel."

    2. Linguine Car Wash

    "The deluxe carbonara service had to be cancelled after too many people lost mirrors and antennas."

    3. Ham Openers

    "Highly specialized teams were tasked with inspecting weaponized meat products."

    4. Salt Caramel Harvesters

    "Everyone in the labor force was adjusting to changes in the Economy."

    5. Wafer Cookie Lineup

    "Number three step forward please."

    6. Peppercorn Soccer

    "Constant sneezing added an additional measure of challenge to the game."

    7. Cheese Moon Smoker

    "At last Elliott found a place where he could smoke without being bothered."

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