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    13 Food-Inspired Looks That You Can Get On Amazon Right Now

    Bone Apple TEE!

    1. This hat and shirt combo that'll leave you wanting to dive into a pool of syrup.

    2. A donut purse to carry all of your sweet belongings.

    3. A banana outfit you wish you'd bought earlier.

    4. This egg-cellent outfit choice, bacon included.

    5. A sushi shirt and ramen hat to fill your cravings.

    6. For the steak lover in your life.

    7. The perfect popcorn outfit for movie nights.

    8. A pizza tie and belt combo that you'll want to eat.

    9. A shirt and earring pair for anyone with a cookie craving.

    10. The perfect hat and sweater for burger lovers everywhere.

    11. When you want to add a cherry on top.

    12. The perfect accessories for wine 'o clock.

    13. This beer-inspired outfit that'll leave you seeing double.

    Special thanks to:

    MSA models






    Hair and Makeup: Chloe Majdipour

    Stylist: Casey Hinders


    Macey J. Foronda

    Jon Premosch