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21 Problems Only ~Cool~ People Have


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1. It's hard not to look effortless 24/7.

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2. People are always trying to copy you.

Come on, just be yourself.

3. You honestly don't know what to say when people ask how to be you.

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I mean, it just comes naturally?

4. People always label you as their ~cool~ friend.

NBC / Via

Stereotypes are dumb but they aren't wrong I guess.

5. People ask for your advice, like, CONSTANTLY.

Warner Bros.

What should you do this weekend? Ugh idk idc.

6. You have waaay too many friends...

7. ...and waaay too many plans...

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*pretends to not care*

8. ...which means you're always physically exhausted from your social life.

Everything sucks.

9. Sometimes you miss a ~cool~ thing 'cause you're busy doing a different ~cool~ thing.

Oh me? I was just learning five languages and taming wild eagles. Like normal.

10. Your nbd attitude makes you difficult to read.

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11. You get so many ~likes~ and ~faves~ that it’s difficult to use your phone for normal things.

NBC / Via

Life. is. so. hard.

12. You don’t understand why everyone can’t be ~chill~ like you all the time.

Conaco / Via

And people definitely need to ~chill~.

13. It's very difficult to find someone with the same obscure interests.

Paramount Pictures / Via

What are your thoughts on Richard Brautigan? Oh, you don't know who that is? *sigh*

14. You are endlessly interesting to the point where people actually start to resent you.

Let's just say you're unique and multitalented to say the ~least~.

15. Dating is hard because nobody is really as ~cool~ as you.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

Luckily you don't really *need* anyone anyway.

16. People don't know how hard it is to literally not care about anything.

Sony Music / Via

LOL, nothing matters.

17. You wear your leather jacket so much that people don't recognize you without it.

Paramount Pictures

18. You get tired of people assuming you have a motorcycle or smoke cigarettes.

Paramount Pictures

Like, maybe I do? And?

19. Your eyes are so sensitive from wearing ~cool shades~ all the time that it hurts to take them off.

Food Network

20. Sometimes you worry about losing your ~cool~...

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21. ...and sometimes people dislike you out of envy...

Radiohead / Garth Jennings / Via

...but, you really don't mind because you're too ~cool~ for the haters.

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