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20 Photographs Of Gay Men Living Across The World

Photographer Kevin Truong has made it his mission to document the gay community in his ongoing series "The Gay Men Project."

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2. Carlos and Ivan, Los Angeles

Kevin Truong / Via

"Growing up at home I definitely had to keep being gay a secret. My dad had 11 brothers and no sisters. Very old fashion Mexican upbringing and not a single known gay relative. So yeah it was tough."


8. Victor, Los Angeles

Kevin Truong / Via

"I think when my parents watched me leave the house at age 17 in platform shoes, maternity top and an Afro wig, the cat may had been out of the bag."

11. David, London

Kevin Truong / Via

"This picture helps to remind me to never let anything come between those we love, to never let anger or pain cloud our emotions. To never again loose contact with those I care about."


15. James, Panama City

Kevin Truong / Via

"I’m really proud of being a part of the change in Panama and I’m grateful for having very talented, brave, smart and beautiful friends, who are showing to the world that there’s nothing wrong with being gay."

16. Noam and Daniel, Boston

Kevin Truong / Via

"Our parents see that we love each other, they see how we develop and flourish together, and they trust us that we’re OK and that they don’t need to be worried for us."

17. Keith, New York City

Kevin Truong / Via

"This is one of my favorite quotes by someone that I admire a lot, 'If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else…can I get an AMEN up in here!' -RuPaul”

18. Collin, Washington D.C.

Kevin Truong / Via

"I suspected I was at 12 (thanks middle school gym), I learned I am at 17 (thanks Ron), I told my friends and family I am at 19 (thanks booze), I’ve only said I’m not once (thanks violent homophobe), I am proud I am every day (thankful)."

20. Abdi with his twins Rumi and Evie, Los Angeles

Kevin Truong / Via

"Once I became more confident and comfortable with living as an out gay man, my focus shifted to starting a family. I always knew I wanted to have children, but I never knew what it would look like."

About the Gay Men Project:

"This project is simple. Basically I'm trying to photograph as many gay men as I can. My goal is to create a platform, a visibility on some level, and a resource for others who may not be as openly gay. A visual catalog of gay men and their stories. When I think of my own experience, and all the time I spent in the closet and hiding the fact that I was gay–to be at a place now where I feel completely comfortable being on the blog and telling the world 'Hey, I'm a gay man,' I think there's a power in that, for me and for a lot of the men on the blog. So it's kind of a numbers game, I think the more men I photograph, the more impact the project has.

My dream is to take the project to as many different cities as I can across the world."

-Kevin Truong

If you would like to learn more about the Gay Men Project please visit his site here.


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