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18 Style Lessons From The Least Boring People At The Inaugural Balls

So, it wasn't just all stuffy old people wearing fashion-backwards formal attire. Here are some of the rules that were broken by the most adventurous attendees.

1. Necklines needn't be conservative.

2. Show off your tattoos.

3. Don't just opt for a fancy updo or a curled-under bob.

4. Push the boundaries of what formal attire actually means.

5. Instead of a hair clip, wear a tiny hat.

6. Don't just go for beads and sequins.

7. Instead of pumps, stay comfortable in your everyday sassy footwear.

8. Wear every kind of color and texture imaginable.

9. Pretend you're at a pageant.

10. You CAN wear out-there eyeliner with bold lipstick.

11. Don a suit of armor.

12. Add a fuzzy boa.

13. Pile on the necklaces.

14. Pile on the butt ruffles.

15. Wear three shades of red.

16. Don't just give little French-style pecks on the cheek when greeting someone.

17. Deck out your shoulder with architectural cutouts.

18. Maximalism is the new minimalism.