7 Gifs To Make You Feel Like You're Back At Oberlin

Or at least until you get to see it in person during our 5th reunion (May 23rd-27th, 2014)!

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Here's the deal, Oberlin class of 2010. I'm supposed to write you a letter. But who even reads letters anymore? Let's be real: we're way more interested in reading Buzzfeed articles. So I wrote you one of those instead.

Oberlin's had one roller coaster of a year. Recent events might have made you feel farther away from our community or perhaps more closely tied to us. I wanted to let you know, from someone who is on campus and working with the Oberlin community day in and day out that: a. we're doing okay, b. there's still lots more talking, listening, and work to be done, c. we've got to do it together, and d. in light of everything, we're very proud of the Oberlin family and that you're a part of it.

My personal update to you is that Oberlin is just as beautiful, passionate, sleepless, invigorating, hungry, and creative as it was when we were here. (It's sort of a comfort that some things stay the same as others change.)

On the alumni front, here's what you need to know: we're having a reunion! This May! I know it seems sudden (um, didn't we graduate yesterday?) and also early (because of the cluster reunion thing we do here at Oberlin, yes, we are having our five year reunion four years after we graduated... but hey! We get to see our friends from the classes of 2008 and 2009 while we're at it) but let me tell you, I miss having us all together. Campus isn't the same without you all around.

So! Now that you know that we'll all be seeing each other in a matter of months (hurray!), here's what you need to know:

Mark your calendar for May 23rd-27th, 2014. That's when the party's happening! Right here in Obieland!

Registration info will be heading your way after the turn of the year. Make sure your information is up to date in OBIEWeb so we can reach you. (Never registered for OBIEWeb? No problem! The alumni association made a handy-dandy video to help you out.)

Lastly, the final thing (for now) that you need to know is the reason I'm writing to you all in the first place: part of being a reuniting alum means financially supporting Oberlin. Our collective goal for the class of 2010 is to get 40% of our class to give. (That's, like, 250 of us; I know we can do this.)

Giving doesn't have to be a big thing. It can be a dollar (dollars are useful) or more if you'd like (we won't cough at that :P) — whatever you feel comfortable doing.

To make your gift — any shape, any size; every one of them makes a difference because it's your participation that makes a difference — please visit our secure (and very easy to navigate) giving site.

Perks of giving: it's the gateway to our reunion celebration in a few months, you'll get fewer telephone calls/emails asking you to give money this year, you'll be officially awesome because you're supporting the school that helped bring us all together in the first place, anddddd you'll have eternal love and animated gifs from yours truly. (I guessed the kinds of things you all wanted to see with this article. I will happily take requests, too!)

I'm very very excited to see all of you on campus (or, ahem, at the above location) next spring — if not sooner! Get in touch if you're passing through town!

Love and sunny Ohio fall days,


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