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    12 Reasons Kitty Forman From "That '70s Show" Is The Best Mom In History

    There's a little part in all of us that wishes Kitty Forman was our mother.

    1. She knows how to handle a crisis.

    2. She tells it like it is.

    3. She give great life advice.

    4. She's not perfect.

    5. She has good family values.

    6. She'll go to great lengths to help you succeed.

    7. She knows what is important in life.

    8. She'd defend her family to the death.

    9. She can turn any situation into a good one.

    10. She knows how to handle a bully.

    11. She cares for everyone.

    12. HER LAUGH.

    Here's to you, Kitty Forman.