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The First Ever Kitty Bowl Is So Important And I Need To Talk About It With You

The world is going through big, BIG, changes. Finally for the first year ever, kitties get their chance to shine! I'll be making some predictions of my own plus sharing some of my favorite kitties with you along with my predictions. Also, what will this mean for the future?! Will the world ever be the same? What does this mean for all other cute baby animals alike?! This is definite progress, people!

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My Top Five Favorite Kitties

Now this sentence doesn't really make sense because all kitties are cute and are my favorite. These guys just spoke to me on a deep personal level (in no particular order).

1. Mo


Everyone meet Mo! His fun fact is that he has a crush on JLaw. Who doesn't!? I love a kitty whose down with pop culture. Mo is a little kitty with a mature temperament. I would like to hug him and give him a million kisses.

2. Tom


Then there's Tom. Look at this little beaut. He seems like a down to earth little kitty who may potentially be aware of how perfect he is. I'm assigning LMFAO's Sexy And I Know as his favorite song. I will bask in your cuteness forever, Tom.

4. Chavo


"Chavo! What are you up to!?!" Is something that I'm sure I would be saying every day if this little guy lived in my home. I imagine he gets caught in all sorts of kitty mischievous shenanigans, but he is just so cute that you shrug it off and reward him with all the catnip and toy mice.

My Prediction

This is tough. Being the first Kitty Bowl ever, we can't judge how this game will go down according to years before. Will it be every kitty for him/herself?! Will they help one another gain points?! Who will be the ball hog!? Will these little cats even care about the ball!? Will any kitty commit fouls by pooping on the field? After all, there is no litter on this mini football field. SO MANY QUESTIONS!

I guess I'm going to have to make a shot in the dark on this one.


This is Killian. Judging by his rambunctious demeanor, I will say that this little guy is going to spend his time on the field seriously. He looks like he's in it to win it, and if not to score points, to keep that ball away from his fellow kitty competitors.

But What Does This Mean For The World?

What does this Kitty Bowl mean for the world? This move towards sporting events for kittens is a big deal. The kitten has always been the underdog to the pup when it comes to sports. We have no idea what is going to go down. If we give kittens their own sporting event, how far will this go?! I'm in favor of as many animal sporting events as possible. The 2015 Bunny Bowl!? The Teacup Pig Bowl?! Sloth cheerleaders?! Cute Animal Olympics!?! THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!!! I'm happy I live in a world where this is possible!

Despite which kitties you're rooting for, good luck to all the kitties playing today. BEST OF LUCK ON YOUR FIRST SPORTING EVENT EVER! I know you'll make us all proud and look so sweet and lovable doing it.

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