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The 15 Realities That Actually Make Up Your College Spring Break

While many spend spring break on the beach sipping margaritas, that just wasn't in the cards for you (or me, obviously).

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1. All Your Friends-From-Home's Spring Breaks Are On Different Weeks


2. But No Matter How Alone You Feel, There Is Always That One Person You Don't Want To See


"Hey we have the same break! Wanna hang out?" No. No I don't.

3. You Even Go Out Of Your Way To Hide From People You Know In Your Local Grocery Store/Mall/Etc.

I'm just trying to buy five packs of Oreos unnoticed. Is that really so hard to ask?

4. You Wear the Same Pajamas All Week


And you exude confidence.

5. Sleep Until 4PM? Don't Mind If I Do!

6. You Test How Long Can You Go Without Washing Your Hair

I'm hitting double digits!

7. Spring Break is the Perfect Time to Experiment with Those Home Remedies You've Been Reading Up On

Now I finally have some time to oil pull and treat my hair with mayo or whatever.

8. You Lay In Bed And Eat Uncontrollably While Watching Television

9. And You Are Extremely Proud of It

10. After All, Spring Break is the Perfect Time to Catch Up On Your Shows

I'll be disappearing for a few days.

11. WAIT?! Am I Hitting the Bottom of My Netflix Queue Already?

12. You Dread the Homework That You Will Inevitably Put Off Until the Last Mintue


Because the words "break" don't really mean anything to ~all~ of your professors.

13. Your Parents Are So Happy You're Home, You Are Treated Like The Fat/Lazy Royalty You Are


14. This is Way Better Than Being on a Beach in Mexico, Right?!!?!?


15. Spring Breakkkk Fo Evaaa!

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