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Some Odd Animal Friendship Videos To Brighten Your Day

Nothing is better than different animals coming together and making all sorts of friendships. If you're feeling down in the dumps or just love a great tale of different animals reuniting to create something beautiful, then watch these videos and let yourself cry all of the happy tears.

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The Eagle The Fox And The Cat

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This eagle, fox, and cat are just chillen, havin' the best old time on the porch. What are they saying to one another before this human interrupts?! How did they come together like this?! Are they old friends reuniting?! My imagination is going wild!!!

Then, as if these three weren't already a barrel of laughs....Suitcase the cat walks in!

The Dog And The Deer

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As beautiful as the story of Allie and Noah, comes the animal version of this classic love tale between Kate the great dane and Pippin the deer. These star crossed lovers came together when they met in Kate's owner's backyard, after Pippin had been helplessly abandoned by his mother, and have been inseparable ever since. Despite Kate's owner trying to release baby Pippin into the wild after nursing it to health, he always came back to Kate. "It's you! It's always been you!" Are you sobbing yet? I WANT A LOVE LIKE THEIRS!

The Bunny And The Guinea Pig

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"Hmmm. This lettuce looks delicious," said the bunny.

"Sure does," said the guinea pig.

"Maybe we should share it," the bunny kindly stated.

"I'd love to share this yummy lettuce with you," responded the guinea pig.

And the rest is history.

The Lion And The Dachshund

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Then there is this lion Bone Digger and Milo the dachshund. Milo the pup loves this gentle giant! Look at all those puppy kisses! And look, Bone Digger, I know you gotta play it cool and all 'cause you gotta live up to your name, but on the inside I know your big lion heart is doing somersaults of joy! How did Milo even end up at the zoo in a lion's den in the first place?! Fate. That's how.

The Cat And Her Ducklings

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This cat isn't playing any games when it comes to her babies. She's cuddling ducklings and kittens and small animals alike. The person filming is even trying to get in on this cuddle action and she is not having it. Pretty selfish of you not to share the cuddles, Mrs. Mom Cat! But hey, can you blame her!? She's having a baby animal party and sorry but you just weren't invited.

The Pup And The Teacup Pig

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These little guys are just frocking around, getting to know each other! The pig is definitely trying to whisper in this pup's ear but she's so excited to have a little pig friend that she just keeps jumping around! I see a beautiful budding friendship in the making!

The Cat And The Sloth

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Now this....THIS IS TOO MUCH! Internet you have won. My heart has reached capacity and has burst with too much love. This is just .... so.... so beautiful. This is like seeing the ocean for the first time. This is like the first bite out of a giant stack of chocolate chip bacon pancakes. This is all of Julie Andrew's favorite things in one.

I feel like Sandra Bullock in Gravity when she sees the sunset over earth from space. Keep cuddling forever sloth and kitty. No one ever let this end.

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