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    7 Signs You're Working Too Much

    You're really passionate about your job or next project, but how do you know if you're overdoing it? Here are 7 signs you're working too much and should schedule some rest time soon.

    1. You've fallen asleep at your desk after bedtime

    infameh / Via

    2. You forgot to eat

    delusioninabox / Via

    3. You ran out of room to write in your planner

    creativelyorganised / Via

    4. People ignore you because you only talk about work

    relatable-anime-moments / Via

    5. You've become oblivious to current events and romance

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    6. You think this kind of stress is normal

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    7. Your co-workers are your best friends

    homoglobinopathy / Via

    You'd be bored doing it any other way

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    Let's face it. You like to work a lot. You'd be bored and broke doing it any other way.