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    30 Thoughts During Barre Class

    From Barre to Broadway (ha)!

    1. I wore my cutest workout outfit today…. It will help my talent shine through.

    2. Gotta be early so I can get MY mat.

    3. OK. Got MY mat. Start stretching so you don't feel awkward.

    4. I really hope I'm not the only non-ballerina looking, uncoordinated one in the class.

    5. There's the instructor. Time to start. Man I wish I could have that body. Maybe if I do barre twice a day for like forever I could…. She probably doesn't even eat pizza….

    6. Warm up time. AND march, march, march… Don't fall over onto the person next to you.

    7. Ugh already time to plank…. Geeze.

    8. Thank goodness that's over…. Arm workout engage.

    9. My shoulders are going to fall off… these 3 lb weights feel like 25lbs…. I definitely could never do crossfit.

    10. Ok leg on the barre…. Pretend you are a ballerina….

    11. Wow, everyone in class must have been a dancer their whole life… they all are SO much more graceful than me.

    12. I really should have stuck with dance… I could have been a Broadway star.

    13. SHE SAID GET THE BLUE BALLS OUT…. How does no one else think this is funny.

    14. Chair… I hate chair… more than planking even….

    15. Squeeze the blue ball… on relevé… this.hurts.bad.

    16. This better help me get a thigh gap.

    17. TRIPLE TIME?!??!

    18. Pretzel? Man, this instructor is doing ALL of my LEAST favorite moves.

    19. My legs and butt should definately look like a supermodel buy the end of this class.

    20. Blue Balls are back in action for core work [internal giggling].

    21. Pelvic thrust. Thank god guys aren't in this class.

    22. ABS. OF. STEEL.

    23. Oh I really like this song…. Has music been playing this whole time?

    24. Back dancing…. I hope no one is looking at me.

    25. Stretch time. YES. I see the light.

    26. Happy baby, I hope my pants aren't see through…. Lululemon I am talking to you.

    27. Ugh I hate stretching my IT band. Not relaxing.

    28. Woah… I think my flexibility is improving…. I am practically a gymnast.

    29. Ahhh lay down and relax time. I DOMINATE this.

    30. Yay, clap for everyone you survived!!! I feel like wonder woman and I'm one class closer to actually being good at this. BROADWAY HERE I COME.