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5 Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants Your Picky Sister-In-Law Will Love

Face it, you can never make everyone happy, especially those alternative diet folk. This list will bring a smile to the face of even the most difficult to please: your brother's wife.

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1. Root vegetables at Chez José

Photo by lzimberoff. / Via Flickr: lzimberoff

Chez Jose is a self-titled "vegetable forward" pop up out in South Williamsburg. Chefs José Ramírez-Ruiz and Pamela Yung are serving up a tasting menu in a tiny outpost on Havemeyer Street. The multi-course, mostly vegetarian, meal turns things like parsnips, sorrel, and butternut squash into the superheros of the night. It's a dinner experience that will impress even the meat eaters. (They still exist right?)

2. Middle Eastern at Glasserie

Photo by Goodiesfirst. / Via Flickr: scaredykat

The menu at Glasserie has ten vegetarian plates (I counted), plus four side dishes. Don't despair, there's also a sprinkling of lamby options. This hipster outpost, located along the waterfront in Greenpoint, is so good you'll lick your fingers from the first appetizer: flaky bread and labneh, to dessert. Watch out.

3. French-ish at Le Pain Quotidien

Photo by Premshree Pillai / Via Flickr: premshree

Number three on our list is the never fail, tried and true: Le Pain Quotidien. This chain is a family style café with small tables and usually one or two large sweeping shared tables. The expansive menu will cover vegans, gluten frees, and meat eaters alike. Best of all, if you're in New York, the calories will be listed alongside each item so that, along with pleasing your family, you can stick to your diet.

4. Perfectly manicured herbs at ABC Kitchen

Photo by Muy Yum. / Via Flickr: muyyum

The menu at ABC Kitchen is an ever-revolving showcase of local produce. Of course it better be, since the restaurant is just a few blocks from the Union Square Greenmarket. Right? Chef Dan Kluger creates endlessly perfect bites, like roasted kabocha squash toast, beet salad with housemade yogurt and an unexpected salad of roasted carrots and avocado that is good enough to order as your main course.

5. East Village Moroccan at Cafe Mogador

Photo by ღ ℂℏ℟ḯʂ ღ / Via Flickr: in_rainbows69

With thick pita bread the width of your forefinger, hummus thick enough to hold upside down, and haloumi, a grilled semi-hard cheese that is salty and chewy (in a good way), the food at Cafe Mogador is hearty, rich and satisfying. It's also unique enough to keep going back, even when the menu doesn't change. Also, if vegetarians find happiness in one thing, it's cheese.

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