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    • lyynz

      We utilized a local bar/music venue for our reception where as long as our guests drank at least $1k worth of alcohol, there would be no charge (not a problem for our friends and family!)  Other than that, we did everything ourselves - food, flowers, decorations, etc. Food was simple as it was an early afternoon to early evening reception: grilled meats, spinach dip, pigs in a blanket, stuff like that. Lots of dessert. I chose a complicated flower for the bouquets, and would probably change that looking back; I was finishing bouquets while my bridesmaid was doing my hair. Our centerpieces were lovely though, tall greenery and white flowers in tall vases scattered throughout the room. Decorations were paper chains and stars made with thick scrapbook paper. Of course, our wonderful friends cooked and set things up. I think it was under $2900 total, but there were definitely ways I could have saved more.

    • lyynz

      What the hell? Other states getacool “HERE’S WHY WE’RE AWESOME” list, and Texas getsa”here’sabunch of crap that’s really big” list. Why not talk about things in Texas that are fantastic, like music fests: SXSW, FFFFest, 35Denton, ACL. Food? Tacos, tacos, ice cream, Shiner, tacos. Big Tex is acceptable. Showing the Mavs cheerleaders over the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders is not. My anger is rendering me incoherent. >:|

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