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Why Hip-Hop Artists Should Share Their Music Online

There has been no shortage of controversy when it comes to the concept of sharing music online. Many artists feel that they will lose too much money if the put their music online, regardless of it being free for download or streaming. And while there is credence to these claims, sharing music on sites such as Lyric Lab does have some significant benefits for hip hop artists. Here are a few reasons that hip-hop artists should share their music online.

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Helps Independent Artists Gain Attention

As an independent artist, it can be difficult to gain traction in the music industry, and this is especially true if you are new to the scene. Sure, you can play clubs and hand out demos, but these attempts are often fruitless. Therefore, it is worth considering sharing the music that you create on sites like Lyric Lab or Spotify, as this will greatly help your group gain exposure. This does not mean that you must put every song you produce online, but adding a few songs so that listeners can get a taste of what you have to offer can go a long way in spreading the word about your music.

If People Like It, They Will Buy It

It is no secret, if listeners enjoy the music they are hearing, then there is a good chance that they will end up buying the album. This may seem a bit contradictory to the theory of sharing music online, but if you release a few songs for listeners to stream with no cost, then there is a greater likelihood that they will seek out and purchase the material that is not free for download.

Sharing is Gaining in Popularity

Even with all of the apprehension in sharing music, the platforms that allow artists to do so, such as Lyric Lab and SoundCloud are gaining in popularity. This means that, as this trend continues, more and more listeners will be seeking out hip-hop sharing sites. If you are an artist listed on the site then this bodes well for you, as there is a greater chance that listeners are going to preview your songs, even if they are not familiar with your work.

In Conclusion

The idea of sharing music is relatively new, only coming to the forefront of the industry within the last few years, but its popularity is growing fast. It is for this reason that hip-hop artists and rappers should consider sharing samples of their work. By sharing music, there is an increased opportunity to reach new listeners and this could help build your fan base and eventually your revenue stream. If you are a hip-hop artist, be sure to consider sharing your music online.

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