LyricalStorm Writing associate of Hip-Hop Musician, Poet, and Screenwriter Lyrical Storm®. For more information please go to our personal website.
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  • 10 Must Haves For Ally Entertainment Circles By Lyrical Storm

    I have been a professional independent entertainer for over 6 years. I have written poetry and songs for over 18 years while recently publishing eBook romance novels. Journeying into the final frontier I have started to write screenplays in hopes to become a director. Here are my 10 must haves in my circle of friends in this business.

  • Lyrical Storm Business Model

    So who tells everyone to stop doing self pictures? Are they the same people controlling the media and entertainment? Lyrical Storm might be an unknown Hip-Hop musician from the Midwest but this jack of all trades businessman does about everything from the ground up. From making his own books and CDs to video productions this artist shares a tiny bit of his business model.

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