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    These Photos Of Men Crying Will Challenge Your Gender Perceptions

    Neringa Rekasiute created a photo project in response to the reintroduction of military conscription in Lithuania.

    In March 2015 the Lithuanian government reintroduced military conscription in a move that was met with mixed reactions from the public. Around 3,000 will be drawn randomly each year from a list of 37,000 eligible men aged 19–26 compiled by the country’s Ministry of National Defence.

    Neringa Rekasiute and Beata Tiskevic-Hasanova's photo project They Won the Lottery is a reaction to the new law; it depicts young men in military uniform, crying, alongside their comments about masculinity.

    "We wanted to show how dangerous gender expectations are: A man is expected to be rational, emotionless and aggressive. It is very important that we, as a society, allow men to express their emotions and not force a stereotypical archaic role onto them." – Neringa Rekasiute

    Jaunius, 18

    "A gun in your hands doesn’t define your manliness." – Jaunius

    Denisas, 23

    "In today’s free society there is no space for coercion. Compulsory things should be the ones you choose with your free will." – Denisas

    Jegor, 25

    "Only when fighting do you lose." – Jegor

    Edvinas, 17

    "Can you imprison a man’s choice and call it free living?" – Edvinas

    Justas, 27

    "The army is a waste of time. How many more soldiers do we need?" – Justas

    Martynas, 22

    "It’s manly to be able to choose for yourself." – Martynas

    Mindaugas, 25

    "When I was still at school, conscript army was removed. I was very happy then, but when I look back, I realise it was a better time to go to the army than it would be now when I have my own agency and when I have created jobs for other people – I need to look after all of it." – Mindaugas

    Vytautas, 27

    "The army won’t make a man out of you – if you are a dumbass, you will always be a dumbass." – Vytautas

    Lukas, 25

    " If I was called to the army, I would try to find a way to avoid it. I have a wife, we are so good together and family for me is first. We have created so much, I wouldn’t want to leave it." – Lukas

    Danas, 28

    "In my opinion, the archaic times when a man was supposed to kill a buffalo and drag it home to his family are long over. I think that army is not a bad thing in general, but a compulsory one is definitely not a good thing either." – Danas

    Rokas, 17

    "It is manly to work for your goals and ideas, and defend your values. I guess, everyone can go to the war, but the army is not for everyone." – Rokas

    Vytenis, 18

    " I could go to the army. Sometimes I lack courage and stamina to do things. The army is good if you can handle it. I was inspired by my friend, a girl, who became a voluntary soldier." – Vytenis

    Justas, 18

    "The real strength is the ability to make your own mind. Let us be strong." – Justas

    Dominykas, 26

    "It’s my choice what kind of man I want to be." – Dominykas

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