These Men And Women Were The First Responders To The 7/7 Bombings

    These nine men and women were among the first to respond when four suicide bombers struck London's transport system on Thursday 7 July 2005, killing 52 people.

    Paramedic Eoin Stuart-Walker

    Eoin was sent to Aldgate underground station.

    "I remember the smell of burning flesh and the heat whilst dealing with the large number of patients in one of the most difficult clinical situations of my life."

    Detective sergeant Louise Rochester

    DS Rochester was first on the scene at Russell Square.

    "One of my abiding memories is being driven back from the scene and seeing masses of people walking home because there was no transport."

    PC Ashley Walker

    PC Walker was first on the scene at Tavistock Square.

    "The first thing I remember about the explosion was the sound, like a large thud, the popping of 1,000 balloons."

    London underground access manager Gary Stevens

    Gary was station manager at Russell Square underground station on the day.

    "[I remember] the badness and the goodness that humanity brought to London on 7/7; the badness being the bombs that went off and the goodness being the Russell Square station staff, who far exceeded what was expected of them on the day."

    Firefighter Stephen Hockin

    Stephen was crew manager on the day and was sent to Edgware Road underground station.

    "[I remember] feeling a sense of pride in witnessing people'ˆs unselfish behaviour and risking their own lives to help strangers."

    Paramedic Craig Cassidy

    Craig was the first paramedic to arrive at the scene at Aldgate station – he had been driving past at the time on his way to another job.

    "I remember how well everyone came together, not just the emergency services but the public as well, really showing the true spirit of the UK and London. They showed that we won't be cowed by murderers – the underlining thing is that you knock us down, we will always get back up."

    Police sergeant Shane Joshua

    Then a police constable, he was sent to King's Cross to deal with the bombings.

    "My abiding memory of the day was the strength of human spirit shown by the people affected."

    Metropolitan PC Elizabeth Kenworthy

    PC Kenworthy was an off-duty PC travelling in the fourth carriage of the train that was blown up at Aldgate in the 7/7 bombings, and is credited with saving two people's lives.

    "I remember people coming out of surrounding buildings with cups of tea and offers of help."

    Firefighter Cem Cam

    Cem was the temporary watch manager sent to Edgware Road underground station.

    "My memory of the day was realising that the attacks would change London into a more security-conscious city."