These British Military Portraits Show How Little Has Changed In 100 Years

    Photographer Tom Reeves has followed in his grandfather's footsteps by taking pictures of British personnel using the same camera and studio.

    Benjamin Reeves photographed British personnel embarking for battle in World War One in 1915. One hundred years later, his grandson Tom Reeves has used the exact same equipment and techniques to take portraits of British military personnel in 2015.

    Tom Reeves used his grandfather's camera for the new photos, along with the same furniture and hand-painted background in his studio Edward Reeves Photography in Lewes. Tom used the camera for its first outing in over 65 years and created negative photographs on glass plates.

    "The link we have created between present and past shows how very little has changed in 100 years. Even though the way that wars are fought is very different now, the human stories remain the same. We’re not overtly trying to portray our servicemen as heroes, but as ordinary people.” – Alex Bamford, the project's art director

    The new photos were taken as part of the 2015 Poppy Appeal by the British Legion.